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Salt + Spruce Creative

Shop Salt + Spruce Creative – Salt and Spruce Creative is a boutique website design studio offering semi-custom brand design, and custom and semi-custom Showit website design.


showit website tempaltes

Perfect for creatives and small business owners, whether you are in the start-up phase or have been around for 20 years. 

Our templates are built on the easy to use Showit platform and are perfect for all types of businesses, but we mainly focus on the creative industry.

semi-custom brands

There are so many things to cross off your list when starting a business (or even re-branding!) - it's overwhelming and you just want to hit the ground running on your new adventure. 

That's why I created the Brand Bar - a collection of semi-custom brands to help small businesses accomplish their goals of looking professional without the scary investment. 

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The Pointe: Semi-Custom Brand DesignThe Pointe: Semi-Custom Brand Design
Social: Semi-Custom Brand DesignSocial: Semi-Custom Brand Design
Collective: Semi-Custom Brand DesignCollective: Semi-Custom Brand Design
Candler: Semi-Custom Brand DesignCandler: Semi-Custom Brand Design
Current Showit Template by Salt + Spruce CreativeCurrent Showit Template by Salt + Spruce Creative